The Spiritual Side Of Mike Holmes' and My Wedding Day


Are you familiar with smoke medicine ceremonies? Perhaps, mostly as a result of geographical location, you may be more familiar with the sacred First Nations term “smudging.” Smoke medicine ceremonies are a traditional spiritual practice that have many different interpretations and are used by many cultures around the globe. The First Nations community in Canada refers to their sacred interpretation of smoke medicine as “smudging” and I would like to emphasize that this practice deserves the utmost amount of respect and acknowledgement as it is, by their own right, the First Nations culture’s revered medicine. “Smudging” is a term that this community holds dear to their hearts and it is not a word or a practice that should be used without respect or understanding of its history and the depth of meaning behind it’s existence.


Smoke medicine is a powerful and therapeutic tool that uses specifically chosen medicinal plants to help you enter into a different state of mind and which subsequently leads you into deeper parts of yourself (4). Michael (Mike Holmes Jr.) and I have had the astute honour of being introduced to smoke medicine from our dear friends and family who are members of the First Nations community. It has become a primary part of our own spiritual practices and as a result we included a smoke medicine ceremony on our wedding day as a tribute to the land that we were married on.

Michael and I also did a hand-fasting ceremony and welcomed all 4 elements on our wedding day. We were surrounded by the earth (we were at the centre of a forest in the Blue Mountain region and I was barefoot!), air (the warm breeze), water (we were married on the side of a river bank), and fire (I lit a candle to honour those who could not be with us, especially my grandfather who I was always closest with) which is important to me as I felt the need to be deeply connected as I said my vows. We used sweet grass as a part of our hand fasting ritual and a hand made white sage bundle that was gifted to us for our smoke medicine ceremony. We asked our very dear friends if they would do the honour of leading the smoke ceremony as we wanted the wedding space to be filled with clear, loving, and vibrant energy, and of course, we welcomed our ancestors as I know my grandfather wouldn’t have missed it even coming from the spirit world. Having the powerful scent of sacred white sage covering me from head to toe was the very last thing I remember before walking down the aisle and marrying my husband. The whole wedding was truly a powerful experience.


These unique and special details were incorporated into our wedding day as we truly believe that our bodies and environments are more than just physical entities. Everything, including us, the plants, animals, earth, and the stones, vibrate with an invisible energy and if you are able to connect to their frequencies it can be a powerful and enlightening experience (2).


If you are interested in learning more about smoke medicine and how you can incorporate the practice into your daily life, here are a few of my own personal tips:
1 - When I lead a ceremony, I always request that each person set a positive intention for themselves, the group, or the greater consciousness. Or, for beginners, simply picking a kind word and repeating it over to themselves may be easier. A word like “love” or “gentle” or
”peace” or “healing” can be very effective for deepening the experience. I encourage each person to focus on their word or intention and make it their mantra.
2 - By setting a positive intention and combining sacred herbals, negative energies can be cleared and the healing power of the sacred ceremony can bring balance and harmony between the physical and spiritual worlds. This practice is a beautiful way to bless and purify ourselves, special objects, and the land around us (1).
3 - Smoke medicine ceremonies can be done by using a variety of different medicinal plants including, tobacco, sweet grass, lavender, cedar, sage, and juniper.
4 - Understanding that what you take from the earth you must too give back. If smoke medicine is a practice that interests you, here is what I have been taught to do before taking from the earth. First you must ask permission from the plant if you can use it. I know this might sound silly but when you develop a connection to the plants you will find yourself easily talking and singing to them. I have spoken to many grandmothers that say when they sing to their plants they grow more abundantly - old wives tail? Perhaps, but I don’t think so - remember that plants have their own vibrational frequency too and are highly intelligent. Science has proven that plants are aware of their environment, they are highly adaptable, they communicate with one another and they have memories too! They are truly conscious species. Secondly, take time to understand the sacred ceremonial herbals that you are using. By learning about them you will quickly connect with them and see how much energy and knowledge the plants embody.
5 - Lastly, respect the plants as they are directly connected to the spirit world and are our greatest allies in healing ourselves, each other, and everything within Mother Earth.

Some very important things to note about smoke medicine and using plant medicine in general:
Being aware of the types of plants you are using is very important as the over harvesting of herbals can quickly become detrimental to the survival of that species. For example, white sage is a primary plant used in smudging ceremonies; however, as a result of its commercialism and ignorance from the consumer, it is quickly becoming over harvested and has been placed on the “watch list” for at risk species (3). Furthermore, white sage is one of 4 sacred medicines cherished by the First Nations community and should be respected accordingly.


xoxo Sending Love and Light
Lisa Marie Holmes

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Holmes Is Where The Heart Is - Hello! Canada Magazine's 10 Page Exclusive Story Of Our Wedding Day

Source:  Hello! Canada Magazine  Photo Taken By:  Jordan Presseault

Holmes is where the heart is - I am officially a HOLMES! :) YAY! Not only was mine and Michael's wedding day the most amazing celebration of love EVER, our special day was issued in an exclusive 10 page spread with Hello!Canada Magazine making us feel like true Canadian Royalty - especially sharing the front cover with Kate Middleton (ah!)!!! Having our most precious and intimate moments shared and celebrated with our country could not make us any more proud to be Canadian! It was an honour to be interviewed by Erica Cupido at Hello! Canada and I feel as though her writing encapsulated the very essence of our enchanted outdoor wedding.  The issue is on stands NOW so be sure to pick up your physical copy to get more of the inside scoop on our love and all things wedding!!! (mine will be framed and hung LOL - best wedding souvenir ever!!!)

Source:  Hello! Canada Magazine  Photo Taken By:  Jordan Presseault

After a year and a half of planning, one sweet, beautiful, and incredibly memorable day, has all come to an end. I have to be honest and admit that I did not enjoy every minute of the planning that lead up to our wedding (which also took place during my final year of medical school... can you say overwhelmed much??); however, all the time, energy, and effort that was put into the big day was worth it in the end. Michael and I shared the most magical day surrounded by everyone we hold near and dear to our hearts.  We also had a candle lighting ceremony for those who could not be with us in person, knowing they were there with us in spirit.

Source:  Hello! Canada Magazine  Photo Taken By:  Jordan Presseault  and Jon Gunmundsson

Source: Hello! Canada Magazine Photo Taken By: Jordan Presseault and Jon Gunmundsson

I don't consider myself to be a "typical" traditional bride and I believe that can be seen in the style of wedding that Michael and I had. I had always dreamt of having a very simple, natural, elegant, and relaxed wedding as my personality tends to lean more towards the easy going side. Michael was an amazing ally to have throughout the entire planning process as he is also very laid back and accommodating. His only big desire was to look like James Bond on the wedding day... and he pulled that one off effortlessly thanks to Hugo Boss and being really, really, ridiculously good looking ;)  As a result, deciding on a theme, location, and wedding vibe came easily enough for Michael and I. 

 Our top 5 priorities were: 1- be outdoors, 2- good food, 3- good bevies, 4- good music, and 5- be surrounded by the most important people in our lives... MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Source:  Hello! Canada Magazine  Photo Taken By:  Jordan Presseault

The theme of our wedding was "secret garden." Michael and I decided that we wanted to get married outdoors, have a tent wedding, and be immersed in a natural landscape.  Ask and you shall receive right? Well we asked and in return the universe provided us with the most spectacular venue that reflected our vision of the perfect garden wedding located in the Blue Mountain region. Our good friend Arlene Dickinson was kind enough to share her beautiful property in the Georgian Bay area with us and it could not have been more perfect!!  Surrounded by forests, meadows, a river, and all things of natural beauty, decorating for our wedding was unnecessary as the wilderness spoke volumes for itself.  We did however, add our own little flair and special touches including a big white tent, a photo area with hanging white frames, a light up LOVE sign, and the artistic food stations hosted by Bruce's Wine Bar which included cooking stump stoves of risotto and so much more... heaven!! 

Source:  Hello! Canada Magazine  Photo Taken By:  Jordan Presseault
Dress Rehearsal Night - The Dress Survived The Rain!!  Dress:  For Love & Lemons   Photo By:  Lauren Thomson

Dress Rehearsal Night - The Dress Survived The Rain!!

Dress: For Love & Lemons

Photo By: Lauren Thomson

We were so fortunate that the weather held out for us.  It had rained (and I am talking major thunder storms) during the entire dress rehearsal the evening before the wedding day.  We were all prepared to get a little wet on the big day but as my limousine pulled up to Arlene's house around 5:30, the clouds cleared, the sun came out, and we were touched by the rays of sun shining down on us throughout the entire ceremony!  

The day went by so fast and if I could change anything I would have loved to slow down time. I only wish I could have danced longer, eaten more ratatouille, and taken more selfies with friends - as a result of not having my phone on me and being so wrapped up in the moment I missed those personal fun shots. However, thankfully we had the most incredible photographer and videographer, Jordan Presseault and Paul W. Los working with us to capture our special moments.

I have to say a special thank you to everyone who helped make mine and Michael's dream of the most beautiful and enchanted wedding day come true. Starting with our wedding party - we would not be here if it wasn't for your support, acceptance, energy, time, laughter, and love. You light us up and make life more fun!

Source:  Hello! Canada Magazine  Photo Taken By:  Jordan Presseault

Thank you to Hello!Canada Magazine for interviewing us and writing a 10 page exclusive issue of mine and Michael's love and wedding day.  Your magazine will forever be remembered as our favourite wedding souvenir.  We loved being interviewed by you, both before and after our wedding day - it was one of the highlights for us as it gave us the opportunity to reflect on our precious moments, laugh at ourselves and each other, and vent if nothing else!

Thank you to Hugo Boss for dressing Michael and making his dream of being James Bond for a day come true. 

Thank you to HGTV Canada and ET Canada for celebrating our love, interviewing both of us, and sharing our photos, love story, and wedding footage with the world!  We are beyond grateful for your support and thoroughly enjoyed every moment we got to spend with you!

Thank you to another Canadian beauty, Arlene Dickinson, for sharing your spectacular Canadian garden oasis with us.  As a strong, compassionate, kind, open hearted, inclusive, and beautiful woman, you truly embody what it means to be Canadian.  Your property exudes pure Canadian natural bliss and it was a privilege to get married barefoot with the earth between my toes, the river rushing directly behind us, and the wind whistling through the trees. 

Source:  Hello! Canada Magazine  Photo Taken By:  Jordan Presseault

Thank you to the Holmes Group who has stood by our side since the very beginning of our relationship and supported us along our journey every step of the way. You had a major role in shaping this wedding to be the majestic event it became and we are forever grateful for the effort, energy, and contributions you have dedicated to us to make our lives, relationship, and wedding so full of happiness and fun.  We are family... come on everybody and see! ;) 

Thank you to the girls at TakesTwo2Pin for making my hair look dreamy and mystical; and to 6DegreesStudio for making my eyelashes POP - thank goodness for you because I cried so much as I walked down the aisle but I didn't have a single battle with running mascara.

Thank you my good friend and master makeup artist, Jacqui Wilkins, for doing my makeup flawlessly, making me feel so naturally beautiful. 

Thank you to Bruce's Wine Bar for catering the most fabulous gluten free wedding food I have ever had!

Last but not least, thank you to both mine and Michael's families for celebrating our love and sharing our special day with us.  Each one of you touched our hearts in your own unique way and our wedding will forever be remember as two families joining as one.

Source:  Hello! Canada Magazine  Photo Taken By:  Jordan Presseault

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When You Know, You Know... You Know?

The year, 2017 has been marked by several life changing and massive events for me! I graduated from Naturopathic Medical School, I entered the last year of my 20s, Michael and I welcomed our first fur baby into our family and… the biggest one of all - I GOT MARRIED!!! - to the most darling man ever to walk this earth. 

Describing the relationship I have with Michael is hard for me to put into words. The emotions I feel are like none I have ever experienced before - Michael is a very unique man.  We are first and foremost best friends who respect one another immensely but its even more than that -  there really isn't a word (at least in the english dictionary) that articulates how well Michael and I jive together. We are partners, lovers, challengers, supporters, cheerleaders, secret keepers, and each others sound boards.

Photo by:  Jón Gudmundsson   Shirt:  @hugoboss

Photo by: Jón Gudmundsson

Shirt: @hugoboss

I have lived a very colourful life, I have loved hard, and lost harder, but every decision I ever made has led me to this man who I am incredibly grateful to now call my husband. Michael is one of those people that once you meet, you fall in love with instantly. He is a heart warmer, heart melter, and a heart throb by his own right. He makes everyone around him laugh and lifts everyone’s spirits. He is an empath, he is caring, kind, compassionate, gentle, generous, charming, smooth, sweet, intelligent, goofy, and respectful while at the SAME TIME he is sexy, manly, strong, rough, bold, muscular, courageous, and adventurous. The man has me completely wrapped around his finger - it is a thrill living my life with him as my partner by my side all of the time. 

To say that our life together is always rainbows and butterflies would be a grave exaggeration. We, like all couples in long term relationships, have our difficult and challenging times.  We can both be stubborn, headstrong, blunt, and practice poor communication. However, that being said, our greatest redemption is that we, no matter what, always choose love. We truly live for each other and no matter how frustrated we may get with one another, my feet always find his under the bed sheets at night, he always reaches for my hands and kisses my forehead, and, most importantly, we can always openly share our feelings and emotions with one another. Relationships take work but for me, choosing Michael as my husband, is a labour of love. 

In regards to finding the love of your life - the soul’s equal counterpart - the expression “when you know, you know” must be one of the most vague and open to misinterpretation expressions I have ever heard, YET it is the truest. I thought that I had loved before, but honestly, until you feel the sensation that I now experience loving Michael, you really don't know until you know. I think the best way for me to put into words how it feels when you finally find the man you are supposed to marry and spend the rest of your life with is this: you love the version of the woman you are when you are with that man (this also can be said for any type of loving relationship regardless of sexual identification). If you can measure up to the person you think you deserve to be, than you are ready to be with the right person for you. Does this make sense? I am trying my best here! hehe 

I have been many different versions of myself and worn many different hats throughout my life. I will continue to develop and grow as an individual but for the first time I am with the man that allows me to be every spirited version of myself and he appreciates me for all of my vibrant colours. That, I guess, is when you know… you know? ;) 

- Sending love & light xxx

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Morning family cuddles is the best way to start the day.

Morning family cuddles is the best way to start the day.