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When You Know, You Know... You Know?

The year, 2017 has been marked by several life changing and massive events for me! I graduated from Naturopathic Medical School, I entered the last year of my 20s, Michael and I welcomed our first fur baby into our family and… the biggest one of all - I GOT MARRIED!!! - to the most darling man ever to walk this earth. 

Describing the relationship I have with Michael is hard for me to put into words. The emotions I feel are like none I have ever experienced before - Michael is a very unique man.  We are first and foremost best friends who respect one another immensely but its even more than that -  there really isn't a word (at least in the english dictionary) that articulates how well Michael and I jive together. We are partners, lovers, challengers, supporters, cheerleaders, secret keepers, and each others sound boards.

Photo by:  Jón Gudmundsson   Shirt:  @hugoboss

Photo by: Jón Gudmundsson

Shirt: @hugoboss

I have lived a very colourful life, I have loved hard, and lost harder, but every decision I ever made has led me to this man who I am incredibly grateful to now call my husband. Michael is one of those people that once you meet, you fall in love with instantly. He is a heart warmer, heart melter, and a heart throb by his own right. He makes everyone around him laugh and lifts everyone’s spirits. He is an empath, he is caring, kind, compassionate, gentle, generous, charming, smooth, sweet, intelligent, goofy, and respectful while at the SAME TIME he is sexy, manly, strong, rough, bold, muscular, courageous, and adventurous. The man has me completely wrapped around his finger - it is a thrill living my life with him as my partner by my side all of the time. 

To say that our life together is always rainbows and butterflies would be a grave exaggeration. We, like all couples in long term relationships, have our difficult and challenging times.  We can both be stubborn, headstrong, blunt, and practice poor communication. However, that being said, our greatest redemption is that we, no matter what, always choose love. We truly live for each other and no matter how frustrated we may get with one another, my feet always find his under the bed sheets at night, he always reaches for my hands and kisses my forehead, and, most importantly, we can always openly share our feelings and emotions with one another. Relationships take work but for me, choosing Michael as my husband, is a labour of love. 

In regards to finding the love of your life - the soul’s equal counterpart - the expression “when you know, you know” must be one of the most vague and open to misinterpretation expressions I have ever heard, YET it is the truest. I thought that I had loved before, but honestly, until you feel the sensation that I now experience loving Michael, you really don't know until you know. I think the best way for me to put into words how it feels when you finally find the man you are supposed to marry and spend the rest of your life with is this: you love the version of the woman you are when you are with that man (this also can be said for any type of loving relationship regardless of sexual identification). If you can measure up to the person you think you deserve to be, than you are ready to be with the right person for you. Does this make sense? I am trying my best here! hehe 

I have been many different versions of myself and worn many different hats throughout my life. I will continue to develop and grow as an individual but for the first time I am with the man that allows me to be every spirited version of myself and he appreciates me for all of my vibrant colours. That, I guess, is when you know… you know? ;) 

- Sending love & light xxx

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Morning family cuddles is the best way to start the day.

Morning family cuddles is the best way to start the day.