Gluten Free Apple Crisp Recipe


Gluten free apple crisp is one of my all-time favourite treats.  I grew up having warm apple pie for dessert with a slice of cheddar cheese - influenced by my British side of the family - I think the quote goes something like "apple pie without the cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze".  But after I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I couldn't find a gluten free pie crust that tasted as yummy. SO I have been making my own homemade GLUTEN FREE apple crisps ever since and I think this has to be my new favourite recipe!!  Not only does this apple crisp warm the soul, it is gluten free, processed sugar free, vegan, and melt in your mouth delicious

I know that traditionally speaking apple crisp is a dessert, but yesterday Michael asked me to add extra oats/granola to his batch so that he can turn it into a breakfast meal and man is he brilliant for suggesting it! This apple crisp can literally be turned into a dessert or a breakfast depending on what you add or subtract to it. 

This has to be the cleanest gluten free apple crisp recipe I have ever made as it only has the purest of ingredients.  It is so easy to make since you can literally throw it in your crockpot/slow cooker and voila! In 2 hours your tasty treat is ready to eat!

Feel free have a nice slice of cheese with it if you're feeling extra British or even a scoop of vanilla ice cream if you're craving some extra sweetness! 

Bon appétit!

Sending love and light


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Mac & Cheese With An Autumn Twist!

pumpkin mac and cheese

There is something so comforting in a classic macaroni & cheese recipe.  It was a staple in my house growing up. My dad did all of the cooking for our family and I remember always getting excited over his homemade mac & cheese. After I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2006, macaroni and cheese quickly became a thing of the past and remained a distant memory... until now!!!

I have recently been on a GLUTEN FREE mac & cheese bender... Great for my palate, not so great for my thighs... but hey! When you have been deprived of something you love for so long, it is easy to tip the scale and over indulge... #noregrets #amirite!?

When I played around with this fun fall-mac-and-cheese recipe this weekend, I knew it was a must share! Not only is it gluten free, vegan, and processed sugar free, it is delicious, full of carotenoids, and tastes like autumn! 

Before the kids go out trick-or-treating next weekend, think of this recipe and send them on their way with warm bellies full of their favourite meal with a special pumpkin halloween twist! 

Click on the link below to access the recipe for free!

Sending love and light

Lisa Marie Holmes