Plant Walk Series with Lisa Marie Holmes: Evening Primrose *Oenothera biennis*

Hello, and thank you for joining this weeks Plant Walk Tuesday with LMH. I am so happy to have you here! Today I will be introducing you to one of my favourite herbal allies, Evening Primrose {Oenothera biennis}. This beauty received its’ name due to its’ sensitivity to the moonlight which allows its’ bright yellow flowers to bloom at night. As a result, it has received the nickname “Evening Star”.

Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose

Evening primrose is native to North America, but can also be found throughout Europe. During the Second World War, Evening Primrose seeds were used as a coffee substitute due to food rationing. In the traditional medical system of India, Ayurveda, Evening Primrose is used  for inflammatory disorders such as arthritis. Evening Primrose is utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine to increase the flow of Qi (energy) and blood. Please remember, that these highlighted points are not all encompassing and there are many different uses, purposes, and actions regarding the plants discussed in my blog. My intention here is to remind you that this plant, like many others, is used by many communities around the world in different ways and for different beautiful reasons. To learn more about the cultural significants of different herbs, I urge you to connect with someone from that culture and allow them to share with you the medicine of their peoples and the plant’s historical understanding to them. 

This herbal staple can be found in every province. It thrives in full sun and well-drained soil. In the late summer yellow flowers sprout out of the top of the leafy stalks. These four petaled flowers have a beautiful lemon aroma

Evening Primrose can be utilized as an infusion for a sore throat or topically as a poultice for wounds. However, it is commonly used as an oil for a wide range of healing benefits including:

  • As a vaginal lubricant before and during sexual intercourse. The oil helps increase vaginal secretions and aids those suffering from vaginal dryness. You can purchase the oil in capsule form and poke a hole into it, apply the oil to your fingers, and massage as needed.

  • Breast pain, PMS, and hormone related issues.

  • For a variety of skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. Adding a few drops of Evening Primrose oil to the skin can enhance cell structure and elasticity.

  • Relieves symptoms of arthritis & osteoporosis. Massaging the oil into the affected areas can reduce pain by increasing blood flow, enhancing circulation, and reducing stiffness.

  • Beneficial to use during pregnancy for preventing high blood pressure, and shortening labour time.

  • Can reduce hot flashes in menopause, and relieve PMS & painful abdominal cramps associated with menstruation.

  • Add to foods for a high source of essential fatty acids.

Energetically this night bloomer reminds us to shine our light even in the darkness. It allows us to face our shadows, and feel more at peace & whole by accepting our own true essence. As a flower essence, Evening Primrose is a wonderful remedy for someone feeling rejected in life or who has absorbed negative energy from their parents. It can help those who feel sexual and emotional repression.

Evening Primrose with Lisa Marie Holmes

Evening Primrose is a safe herb, however, although the oil is a great source of nutrients it should not be used for cooking. Its’ low smoke point will cause the oil to go rancid when heated. 

Thank you for following along with me this week! Evening Primrose is such a lovely ally that is often neglected in the herbal world so I appreciate you taking the time to learn more! It brings me so much joy to be able to share my love of herbal medicine with you! This post is not meant to diagnose or prescribe. It is my intention that you will feel inspired to go out and learn more about this beauty since I was unable to share all of the useful ways Evening Primrose can be incorporated into your life in just one short post. 

Sending Love and Light
Lisa Marie Holmes

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Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose