Let's Share a Cuppa and Chat: What is an "Herbalist"?


Let’s share a cuppa and chat tea🍵.

As a registered herbalist, I get a lot of interesting head twists and questions about herbalism and what exactly it means to be an herbalist. Well the dictionary defines it as: “a person who practices healing by the use of herbs.” This is a pretty accurate and fair general definition of the term; However to me, being an herbalist means a wee bit more 🙂.

When studying the medicinal benefits of a plant, there is a lot of science, pharmacology, chemistry, and hard knowledge that goes into understanding the effects that plant has. It is really cool and complicated and overwhelming at times but anyone can pick up a book and learn about the properties of an herb. For me, I believe that the practice of herbalism requires much more << heart >>.

Developing and nurturing a deep sense of connection and intuition with the botanicals that we use as medicine is where the fun begins! As plants are holistic in nature (humans are too!) a beautiful relationship exists between us and the plant community. In fact, we can learn a lot from out plant allies if we just take the time to sit, connect, watch, and listen to them.

Personally, I see plants as our allies, my friends, and as spiritual beings. This may sound odd or different to some of the followers joining my online community, but that’s ok. The more you learn, the less unknown it will become 😉.

Herbalism is an ancient healing modality that has survived the last 5000+ years. It has become ingrained in every culture under the sun and has impacted our lives more than most of us are even aware. As much as this profession has ancient roots, it continues to persist in this day and age, more than most of us probably realize, with both power and grace. 

When I was in my late teens I dated a German guy. His oma would take me through her garden and sing to her plants every morning and every evening. She told me that she learnt this practice from her grandparents and over the years she could tell that her gardens grew heartier and more abundant when she greeted them and addressed them as beings, not just as “things”. An old wives tale? Well, not really that old, eh? Our elders are wise and tend to be more connected than most of us now. We have much to learn from our elders and ancestors.

As an herbalist, I have the honour to connect with the earth, it’s rhythms, and learn more than what a textbook can teach us. It truly is a beautiful profession and I do not take this “career” for granted. More on this during our next cuppa.

Sending Love and Light
Lisa Marie Holmes

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