Are Your Hormones Out Of Balance?

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Hormone imbalances seem to be the talk of the town as of late.  More people are becoming aware that their hormones might be at the root cause of their health issues.  Last week I interviewed Naturopathic Graduate Breanne Kallonen, a women’s health and hormone expert, in my personal opinion, and we discussed the causes, symptoms, and a variety of ways to remedy your hormone imbalances. 

Below, I have summarized the key notes from our discussion and if any of this information resonates with you, I suggest you request a full hormone panel from your medical or naturopathic doctor so that you can take control of your hormone health today.

What does a hormone imbalance look like?
Our body cycles are regulated by hormones and if they get out of whack, the consequences can be huge! A hormone imbalance has many faces and can present as (just to name a few):

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Source: Google Images (Women's Body Shapes)

Source: Google Images (Women's Body Shapes)

Where Do You Store Your Weight:
- Do you store your weight in the midsection? If so, this could be caused by a cortisol issue. 
- Do you store your weight in the buttocks or thigh region? If so, this might be explained by an estrogen dominance picture.

Find out how your hormones are influencing your weight distribution by seeking care from a Naturopathic Doctor!

Hormone Imbalance Risk Factors (Just to name a few):

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How can you fix your hormone imbalance?
EXCITING NEWS! The answer to your problems could be as simple as a few lifestyle changes! (just to name a few):

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If you are looking for help to balance your hormones, increase your energy levels, and find your healthy weight, please follow Breanne Kallonen and sign up for her 7 week Wellness on the Wild Side program.  I highly recommend this program for all women ready to make a lifestyle change as she provides meal plans, recipes, exercise programs, and checks in with you every single day. This program has helped hundreds of women throughout Canada and the US - it can help you too! 

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