Where there is balance, there is health.


My name is Lisa Marie Holmes and I believe in the healing power of nature.



Come with me as I learn how to live with zest, health, and pure intention. 


Improve your health in your whole being with natural methods & medicine.


I have developed a line of custom-blended medicinal botanical teas made with love!

The Shop

Your one-stop-shop for all things beautiful, healing and life-giving.


I am passionate about strengthening the mind-body connection and nurturing spirituality with the use of herbal medicine and positive lifestyle changes. 

I offer individualized health and wellness support, holistic herbal detox programs, and am the proud founder and owner of the organic Lisa Marie Holmes medicinal tea line. If you are in search of any of these services, please contact me and I will be honoured to guide you along your journey to optimum health.